Graphic Tee’s

I have to say, graphic tees just might be my favorite fashion top. You can dress them up or dress them down. Paired with jean shorts, or a floral maxi skirt, graphic tees can make for the perfect look.

Here are just a few of my most favorite tees!


“Mornings are for Mimosas”

yes…. why yes they are!! I love this tank for a Saturday morning brunch with the girls♥


“Mermaid off duty”

This is so cute paired with jean shorts & my mocha mohicans booties!


“Salty hair & Sandy toes”

This screams beach days!! I am so looking forward to wearing this while I take long walks on the beach & watch the sun go down in 90 degree weather!


“But first, champagne”

Sip,sip hooray! That says it all, I love champagne & I love this tee!


“But first, wine”

Red or white, wine is my favorite “5  O-clock somewhere” drink! This tee is just perfect for any casual dinner with your girl friends!

All of these tee’s can be purchased from Out of the Box Gifts (850.763.3232)

What are your favorite graphic tee’s?


ColourPop Cosmetics! My favorite LIP products!

first picture

When finishing a makeup look off, choosing the lip color is definitely my favorite part! 

I have fallen in love with the brand ColourPop! ♥ I swear they last ALL day long on my lips &

I NEVER have to touch up through out the day! The pigmentation of each color is amazing!!!

Each Lippie Stick has a matching lipliner, & of course I wanted to show you both! Keep reading & you can see my 3 fav colors of Lippie Sticks & their matching lipliner!

The best part about this brand is the $price$, seriously SO affordable!!


If you are looking for that perfect RED bold lip then Clique is the color for you!! This for sure is the definition of that perfect red classic lip! What makes me love Clique so much is that my teeth look so white when I wear this color!

clique swatch

Heart On

Heart On just might be my favorite color out of the 3! It’s such a perfect purple! It’s one of their matte finishes, but I love pairing it with a neutral gloss!

Heart on swatch


Bound is the perfect nude color! It’s so crazy how the lipliner looks like a completely different color, but I can’t even explain how pretty they look when put together!

bound swatch

QUICK TIP: It’s so important to color your whole lip in with the lipliner first, then go in with the lippie stick that matches. However, there are no rules when it comes to makeup, so if you’re going for more of a neutral look, wear one or the other!

last picture

Thanks so much for reading!! What are your favorite lip colors?!

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September MUST Haves!

September is such an odd month for me… its either really freaking HOT or the fall weather is starting and its kinda chilly.

Either way, my skin just loves adjusting to the changes in weather.

I have said before my skin is extremely dry, so I try to stay on top of it & keep it moisturized and hydrated!

THESE products are my September MUST haves and have saved my skin this month!

First Picture


I love reaching for BB Creams when I don’t want to wear a heavy foundation. The “no makeup, makeup look” trend is seriously one of my favs! These are 2 of my favorite drugstore BB Creams.

Throw on some mascara & you are ready for the day! You will be so surprised how much BB Cream & mascara can make your face look awake & fresh!


Morning, night or even in the afternoon, I spray this facial spray on my face constantly!! SO refreshing & hydrating with aloe, herb, & rosewater!!

My favorite way to wear it is over my morning & night time moisturizer!


At night, after I have washed my face, I put this face oil all over my face.

It is one of the most hydrating serums I have ever used! I love putting it around my eye area, & in my T-zone!


CARMEX! Okay I have chapped lips & I hate it!! But for real this is my favorite chapstick of life!

I also love the way it smells… is that weird??


LUSH! ahhhh I am so in love with LUSH! This is one of my favorite products they carry! It’s a face & body scrub.

It is so important to exfoliate your face once or twice a week.

I also use this in the shower before I shave my legs.


Another one of my favorite in the shower products is this Nivea body lotion!

So creamy & the best thing about it is, it’s NOT STICKY!

I hate those lotions that leave a sticky residue on the skin. But, this one just leaves my skin feeling baby soft!


This quickly became my #1 prized body wash!

The “Tone” brand is sold at Walmart or Target and is SO affordable!

There are many different scents, but this “Radiant Glow” is my fav because it leaves me skin looking sun kissed!


The 1st thing I do when I get out of the shower is load my body up with lotion!!

WOW.!.!.!. St. Ives seriously has stolen my heart with this spray lotion.

It’s non greasy & not messy at all!


I am all about that bronze, summer, sun kissed, glow from within skin!

It’s a perfect sheer bronze tint & oh so glam!

I love putting this on my legs to give them that extra glow!


Monthly Fav’s are the blog post I love reading most! I had such a fun time getting my 1st one together!

I hope you all enjoy & try the products!!

Comment & let me know what your favorites are this month!

That’s all Bell has to tell today!


Staying Healthy


When it comes to working out I am so not the girl who is in the gym everyday, or giving myself a strict diet. However, I do believe staying mentally & physically healthy is important for all young adult girls! I’ve also noticed that exercising puts me in a better mood, I feel good about myself after I workout.

I’m pretty sure Elle Woods put it perfectly “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” 

By the way, I use the word “workout” very loosely… working out does not mean you have to go kill yourself in the gym for 2 hours! Just taking a walk, or a bike ride is sooooo good for your body & mind!! I have found that listening to music helps me stay in the “moment” & I can focus more, & set goals for myself. “When this song ends I’ll walk for 20 seconds, then pick back up jogging again.” 

& water, water, water!!! Did you know drinking water is good for your skin?! Water flushes out all the harsh toxins from the skin. It’s also crazzzzy hydrating. Water just makes your skin look more youthful & it will help keep you skin looking younger longer. Try to stay away from caffeine!!

I think the most important thing to remember is, WE ARE ALL HUMAN, WE CAN CHEAT! Don’t deprive yourself of ice cream, if you want that ice cream, then eat it!! Some people say cheat days are how they do it, but some times I want that ice cream before my cheat day! & thats okay!!

I hate how hollywood is making it seem to some girls that size 00 is how we all should look. I’m sorry but NO, I was born to not ever be a size 00! We are all gorgeous in our own way, and like I have said before “beauty comes from within!”






Thanks for reading!!


Hip Hip HAIRay!!

First Picture

» » » With all the horrible things us girls do to our hair from dying, to bleaching & everything else in between, its pretty much an understatement that our hair is damaged ALL the time. It’s crucial to take care of your hair! « « «

∗ Here are just a few of my favorite hair essentials! 


1. I have fallen in love with this shampoo & conditioner! I have the driest hair, & both of these work so well together to give my hair the perfect amount of nourishment & moisturizer. YES, moisturizer for the hair! Known to leave the hair silkier & shiner. SO hydrating from root to tip! For all my “dry hair” girls this is the combination for you!


2. This was actually given to me from a friend & I have never loved a hair gift more! This “Miracle 7 Silk Leave in Mist” is known to reduce breakage! After the endless hours of straightening, curling, & processing I have done on my hair, breakage is a huge headache! I have also found that this product detangles & softens my hair without weighting it down!


3. I live 5 minutes from the beach, so if I’m not working you can usually find me on the beach, regularly sun tanning, or in the water. UGH.. but sun plays a huge factor in damaging our hair. I have loved spraying this tonic on my hair every other hour while I’m at the beach. Keeps my hair moisturized and it smells amazing!


4. On top of my extremely dry hair, I have intense curls! I have found that putting this mousse on my wet hair does an excellent job of taming my curls! Smoothing, & hydrating… EXACTLY what I need on my hair.


5. The # 1 step most girls forget when styling their hair is using a heat protectant! This is a fairly new find for me, but I have quickly fallen head over heels for it! I spray it directly on my dry hair right before I go in with any heat tool.

NEW _Fotor

6. If I had to choose 1 hair product that was my absolute ride or die…it would for sure be this dry shampoo! From time to time I switch up, & try different dry shampoos, but right now I am loving this one! Dry shampoo is awesome for adding volume & fullness.  Also, it refreshes the hair without going through the hassle of washing it!


Direct Links to the products above:

 Shampoo & Conditioner ◊ Leave in Mist ◊Biolage Tonic  ◊ Aussie Mousse 

Heat Protectant  ◊ Aussie Dry Shampoo 

What are your favorite hair products?!

♥ That’s all Bell has to tell today! ♥




Pretty sure →THIS← is my all time favorite piece in my closet right now!

Every girl needs a vest, but the fact that this one is long, I just love it!

I had to snag this piece up the second I laid my eyes on it!

SO perfect for the summer, however, SO fall appropriate!




Since the hot pink tank & vest really stand out in this outfit, I didn’t want a heavy, or chunky, necklace. This ensemble called for a “lighter look.”

How adorable is a small dainty necklaces paired w/ a longer necklace?!


One can never go wrong with a spoon ring! Seriously I wear mine everyday. I have to say… it’s my signature piece!

& of course, don’t forget the arm candy!


⇒ Vest » Top » Jeans  » Jack Rogers ⇐

What’s your favorite back to school look?!

That’s all Bell has to tell today!


Full Face Makeup Look



These 3 words are exactly how I want my face to look in the summer! Heck, lets be honest, I want my face to look like that EVERY day of my life!!

I wore this look about 2 weekends ago & wanted to share it with you!

I have fallen in love with it & I hope you do as well!

STEP 1 :

1 Day Cream

It’s always important to begin with moisturizing your skin. Moisturizer creates the perfect base on your face. I LOVE this one by L’oreal! But any moisturizer will do!

STEP 2 :

2 foundation

I have talked about this foundation here before on my blog. It is by far my # 1 most favorite foundation I have ever used! It lays so perfectly on the skin. For those of you who like a lighter foundation this one is very lightweight! HOWEVER, it builds so nicely without leaving you looking like a cake face. I LOVE IT.

STEP 3 :

OILY SKIN : For those girls who have more oily skin it is always a good idea to set your foundation with a powder. It locks your foundation in place & gives you more of that matte look.

DRY SKIN : Ladies with dry skin, most of the time, setting your foundation with a powder is NOT necessary. However, there is no harm in using a powder if you would like.

I have very dry skin, but today I knew I was going to be outside and I didn’t want my face melting off in the heat! This powder from MAC is truly amazing & gets the job done!

STEP 4 :

4 bronzer

When it comes to bronzing the face, think about creating the number 3 on the outside of your face. Start at the forehead/upper hairline, then bring your brush just below the cheekbone, & end just below the jawbone. Final step…. BLEND,BLEND,BLEND. No one can pull off harsh lines on the face.

STEP 5 :

5 blush

Add just a touch of this amazing red wine shade on your cheeks!

STEP 6 :

6 highlight6#2 highlight


This is what gives your face that “glowing from within” look. When applying a highlighter, think about the highest points on your face. Bridge of your nose, the top of cheekbones, cupids bow, & the center of your forehead.

STEP 7 :

7 brow wiz

Love this for filling in my brows! Pretty sure everyone knows how amazing this brow pencil is!

STEP 8 :

8 eye shadow

Love these shadows from makeup geek! SOOO affordable and the pigmentation is amazing!

(From right to left) : Barcelona Beach, Prom Night, Shimma Shimma

ON MY LID : Barcelona Beach

IN THE CREASE :  Prom Night


STEP 9 :

9 eyeliner

Love this black eyeliner from MAC, it glides on smoothly & is very long lasting on my eyes!

STEP 10 :

Perfect mascara for length & volume! I also love that it

Perfect mascara for length & volume!

STEP 11 :

11 lipstick 12 lip gloss

Love these 2 colors together! The definition of that perfect glossy, nude lip!

STEP 12 :

13 spray

MY RIDE OR DIE!! I spray this on my face about 4 times (or more) when finishing any look! It makes me look dewy, while leaving my face feeling refreshed!




L’oreal Age Perfect Moisturizer 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Mineralize Skinfinish Powder 

NYX Matte Bronzer 

Milani Baked Powder Blush – Red Vino 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Makeup Geek – Barcelona Beach, Prom Night, Shimma Shimma

Anastasia Brow Wiz 

Rapid Black Eyeliner 

Mary Kay Lash Love 

Urban Decay Lipstick 

NYX Lipgloss 

Urban Decay Setting Spray 

What makeup looks are loving this summer?! 

That’s all Bell has to tell today!